Best Solar Power Bank UPDATE – Portable Solar Panel

Best Solar Power Bank UPDATE and Proof!

This solar power bank had a workout last week! What do ya know, right after I was talking all about it. I’m so glad I have this power bank cause I needed it.

I’m in the northeast and we had tropical storm Isaias rip through here. How do you even pronounce that? My area was without power for 3 solid days. But the good news is I didn’t have to worry about my cell phone battery running out of power because I had this solar portable panel.

It worked like a charm! So if you haven’t checked it out you can go HERE and see what it’s about. I’m not just writing about this just so you can buy something – just to buy something. When I share stuff it’s cause I really like it, it works well and it enhances your life. For me, it has to add to life. I buy things based on how they can improve my life. It’s a lifestyle choice. This is practical, it’s planning ahead, you’ll have a little edge of safety.

That’s all I have to say. The rest is up to you.

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