COVID-19, Mental Health and Exercise

COVID-19 is challenging us because we have to find new ways to stay fit physically and mentally.

So much of our mental health is dependent on exercise.

COVID-19, Mental Health and Exercise

Now that we’re deep into summer have you been able to capture some of the enjoyment of it? With COVID-19 things are so “off”. Off in not being able to do what we’re used to and off in how it all feels. And off in the division, we’re feeling. Summer is supposed to be the time for a more relaxed lifestyle. I’m not feeling it this year so much. Nobody is.

The future has such a big question mark on it. It’s hard on all of us. Everyone, everywhere. But I practice surrender, soak up enjoyment when it happens, feel the difficulties, and do my best to move through it – it’s not a place I want my mind to dwell.

We’re in new territory these days. Here’s what I’d suggest keeping as balanced as you can…

Your mental health is dependent on exercise – so get moving.


Stay hydrated. So important to health and so easy to forget. When you’re feeling thirst – you’re already in dehydration territory. And especially if you drink coffee or anything caffeinated. It’s a diuretic so drink extra water.

If you’re less active now it’s easier to gain weight. And emotional eating could be happening too. I’ve fallen into some of that trap. But awareness of what you’re doing and why – is key. Be aware of it and try to at least stay at the same weight.


Watch what you watch. Keep it light and breezy, find comedians you like to watch – there’s a great line up on Amazon, check out some great documentaries. Don’t look at the news right before you go to bed or even first thing in the morning. Do you want to go to sleep with all that on your mind – who can sleep with that?! And the morning should also be a protected time to feed your mind with things that inspire, encourage and set you up for a good beginning. Did you know that whatever you do in the morning sets the whole tone for your day?

Control when and what you give attention to. Maybe it’s time to learn something new. Pick up a book instead of watching a movie. Take an online course. Develop a new skill. Could be to your advantage for your future. And even though it may feel like the future is f&$#ed – we will have a difficult time for a while to come, but after the darkness comes the dawn – as they say. And wouldn’t you want to be preparing for that?

This is an unprecedented upheaval, a reset, whether you believe it’s coming from the deep (fill in the blank) or aliens or depopulation proponents – it is something each of us has to take personal responsibility for now. Responsibility for our own lives now – moment to moment. If you’re a prepper or whatever you’ve been futurizing – this is it. This isn’t a practice run, this is not a rehearsal– we’re living in it.


What are you doing? It’s so easy to do nothing, isn’t it?! But it’s better to keep your body and mind in motion. If you don’t then both will shrink or at least get flabby and weak – yeah mind and body.

Unless you’re eating more now, be careful of that. So easy to pile on pounds than it is to take them off. Make a schedule that helps you. Incorporate some exercise, make some time to journal, just be in silence with yourself or talk a walk. Catch up on some inspirational podcasts. Stay in gratitude. Do you know what’s it like living in a place where you have to share bathroom facilities – all of them – with a whole population of people like druggies and drunks? I do after I lived on a houseboat and that was how it was. Now it’s easy to be grateful for such simple things that are easy to take for granted.

COVID-19 has permeated our world

We have to keep some distance from others how the heck will you get consistent exercise? How will you have fun? And most important – how do you negotiate mass transit? How’s your mental health? Are you getting some exercise?

Does the thought of getting on a commuter bus or train make you anxious?

We have an answer – electric bikes and electric trikes. The popularity of these is booming now! Talk about social distancing. Being on a bike requires social distancing or you crash.

Get on an ebike and you’ll go further, faster, safer, and still get exercised. Helps the immune system. Getting out and about on a bike changes your whole vibe.

I’ve set you up with a coupon code over at Just use the code “crazyebike” when you check out to score a $75.00 discount on an e-bike. It’s only for the ebikes, not accessories or anything else. They’ll ship via UPS ground to the lower 48 states in the US.

electric bike
Get out and ride

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  1. I’m shopping for an ebike now for this spring! Do you have any favorites that you can recommend?


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