Dress For Riding Your Ebike In The Winter

Dress For Cold and Winter Biking

Don’t let cooler and cold weather deter you from enjoying your ebike or emoped riding. Let’s look at ways to dress for riding your ebike in the winter. Here we’ve put together some ways to keep you warm and dry all season long!

Briefly, you’ll see how to keep all of you dry, warm and comfortable.

First up is protecting your core because keeping your core warm is essential.

The key to keeping your core warm is to dress in layers. This works because as you cycle you’ll begin to warm up and you can peel the layers off as needed. We recommend 3 top layers and 2 bottoms. But go with what is best for you.

Your Top Half

Long Sleeve Thermal Top

The first layer should be a long sleeve thermal top like Under Armour. This is a thin and warm base layer that also will wick your sweat away. Dress For Riding Your Ebike In The Winter And should be tight-fitting to work best. Be sure this feels soft on your skin and long – so it can cover more of you.



Alternatively, if you’re more sensitive to the cold find a first layer that has a high neck or a polar fleece mock neck or turtle neck. Dress For Riding Your Ebike In The Winter That way the large blood vessels in your neck won’t be cooled down. Cotton is not good because when it gets wet it will just stay damp and rob the heat from your core.

Fleece-lined Cycling Jersey

And the next great layer to add is a fleece-lined cycling jersey. We love fleece just for any time in the winter. It really keeps you warm. It’s soft, comfortable, rugged, and easy to care for.

Waterproof Cycling Jacket

Waterproof cycling jacket

Then over those two, a waterproof cycling jacket works really well to dress for riding your ebike in the winter. This will give you waterproof and windproof protection. So don’t skimp on quality here. This is an important essential. Look for one that has a high neck, long sleeves with velcro at the wrist, or cinched some way so that air can’t get in.

Removable Sleeves

Cycling jacket windbreaker
Men’s Cycling Jacket Lightweight High Visibility Windbreaker with Detachable Sleeves

To make stripping layers easy be sure these have zippers. Because some jackets have underarm zippers for a heat release – nice feature – right? Some have removable sleeves. But you can also add removable sleeves for when you’re starting out – easy to strip off later.

Your Bottom Half

Two layers on the bottom are usually enough. The first layer underneath to keep you warm and the second layer provides wind and rain protection.

Bib Tights

For the first layer most usually wear long johns or winter weight bib tights.Women's bib cycling overalls knickers insulatedBib tights have straps that go over your shoulders and are better than long johns because they stay in place and don’t slip down. The picture of them is clickable and will bring you to further details. They are shown for men but women use these too.


Dress For Riding Your Ebike In The Winter
Insulated Bib Overalls

I found bib fleece-lined overalls for women here. And they are well-loved. They come in fun colors.  Black, grey, navy, white, aqua named “bluebird”,  marina blue, and the ones here are the color amethyst. Used for skiing, skating, any outdoor winter activity and are a best seller. They will keep you dry and warm!

Long Johns

Thermal long johns women

If bib tights aren’t for you check out some thermal long johns. We like these.  They fit well and come in different colors. They’re comfortable and chafe-free. Smooth and soft against your skin and breathable.  It’s fun to find cool ways to dress for riding your ebike in the winter

Waterproof pantsWaterproof pants

Some outer leg layers are 100% waterproof and so have low breathability. But Gore makes fabrics that are breathable and waterproof. Here’s one that’s waterproof and breathable. Cause that’s important. This is the Columbia Men’s, Rebel Roamer Pant. 100% nylon and machine wash – easy.

Windproof pants

Windproof pantsIf you only need pants for wind and cold you can get these windproof pants. Which are cheaper and very affordable.

These are the perfect winter pants. So warm, breathable waterproof, and windproof and soft for your cycling. Use for all your other outdoor activities like hiking, climbing, camping, skiing, snowboarding, traveling, ice sports and any other things you do outdoors. 

Your Head

A Helmet Cover

If your bike helmet is full of holes – that’s great in the summer. But not so good in winter. An inexpensive solution is a helmet cover. This is a good one and a good price too..Electric bike helmet dress for riding your ebike in the winter

This bike helmet cover has reflective stripes, making it highly visible. You’ll stay dry undercover with this. Its rain cover, windproof, dustproof, and breathable!


Another good helmet – not for mopeds. But for bikes, skateboards and ebikes (lower speeds) is the Thousand Bike Helmet.

The Thousand Bike Helmet comes with their anti-theft and accident replacement guarantees. If your bike helmet is stolen while locked up, or if you get into an accident and damage your helmet, they will replace it for free. Check out more info here.

A Balaclava (skull cap)

balaclava for riding your ebike in the winterBest choice to keep your head warm. So many choices but find one that covers your neck if possible. Here’s a balaclava that’s popular and shows all the different ways you can wear it. Just ignore the “wering method” spelling on the image. You probably could even add it to your Covid-19 mask collection.  In any case it comes in so many colors – it’s hard to choose. And with multiple uses you’ll get out of it.

Neck Gaiter

A neck gaiter is an alternative if you don’t want a balaclava or if it’s not deep winter cold. It works like a scarf and will keep your neck warm with nothing hanging to catch on anything. They can come fleece lined for more softness.

This one has multiple uses.neck gaiter for riding your ebike in the winter You can use it as a face mask reusable and washable. A bandana face mask, a sun or dust protector. Let your imagination go wild. And the color choices are crazy! Cheap enough to pick up a few if you can’t decide. 

Eye Protection

Goggles are a good idea to protect your eyes while riding. Winter cold air can make your eyes tear and blur your vision. Just protect your eyes period. Here are some that are well liked. No wonder – they are very cool looking and the price is right. Dress For Riding Your Ebike In The Winter








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