Electric Trikes For Adults – What To Know

What to Know About Electric Trikes For Adults

  • Cargo

  • Stability

  • Mobility

  • Great for business

  • Around town

  • For adults with past injuries

  • Shopping

  • Commuting

  • Hauling stuff

  • Oversized wheels

  • Durability

  • Rough road

  • Off road

  • Front fork suspension

  • Seat suspension

  • Step through frame

  • Large business facilities

  • Urban deliveries

  • Oh yeah, AND FUN!

What is an Electric Trike?

It’s a large tricycle that is assisted by a motor and an electric battery to power the motor. So its stability and ability to haul cargo are what make it sensible. The electric motor is built into the wheel hub on the back or front tire. So the battery can be mounted in a few different ways. Some are behind the seat, some are mounted in the frame under the seat.

It’s hard to say how fast and how far a particular trike will go, but generally, the average is 20 mph and 20-mile range. And it depends on the model you choose, the battery and motor. Some go faster and farther. Then it also depends on how much you pedal, how hilly it is and road conditions. But the point is – not getting stuck in traffic, exercise how much you choose, less air pollution – And….Fun!

The two different types are pedal-assist and full power. Full power uses the throttle and the motor moves you along – no pedaling needed unless you want to.

Why Get One?

Some of us adults face some health and past injury problems and we can’t move as well as we used to. It’s great to get you out of the house and enjoy time outside. Because now you can enjoy going places and not worry how you’ll get back home if you run out of stamina. It will help get you in better shape without knocking yourself out.

Features To Consider

Some features to look for in your hunt for an adult electric trike:

Batteries and motor. First, figure out how you’ll use the electric tricycle. Then shop accordingly for the battery power and the motor for your use. Shop brakes too. Make this decision for a trike to be as much as possible your choice. Don’t just go and buy the first thing you see. Research is vital to your satisfaction. I’ll be doing some reviews in the future to give you a basis for your decision.

electric trike cargoCargo space is great on a trike. It’s built for hauling stuff. Think about what type and how much cargo space you want.

Here are some other features to keep in mind about your decision.


With so many types to choose from it can be confusing to narrow down a few to seriously consider. First, decide the styling you want. There are traditional trikes, chopper trikes, folding trikes and low step trikes for a few examples.


The tires are rugged for use on multiple road surfaces. And wheels come in different sizes.

Accessories for your Trike

You can pick from a lot of extra features and accessories to help such as:

Electric Tricycle Basket for Cargo
Electric Tricycle Basket

  • Storage/cargo baskets

  • Speedometer

  • Adjustable seat

  • Rear view mirror

  • Safety flags

  • Helmet

  • Water bottle mount

  • A hauler trailer!

  • Canopy

  • Mounted compass

  • Bell/horn

  • Basket liners

  • Flashing LED safety pedals

  • Cable lock set

Course ya don’t need all this stuff. It’s just a list to know what you can do to personalize your electric trike and make it your own.


I’d recommend a good suspension system. The lumps and bumps of a long ride or even gravel and uneven roads can be tiring. This will give you some protection for a rough ride. With suspension on the front fork, bumps will be dissipated. You can even find trikes with springs under the seat and at the rear of the trike. It all helps for a smoother more comfortable ride. The con is that suspension can decrease your efficiency. It reduces the power transfer to the wheels.


You can get single speed, three speed, six speed. Single speed is good for flat roads. But even with that when you load up your trike with groceries and stuff or run into a headwind – more gears will sure help.

3 speed is a good middle ground for riding ability and ease and general trike maintenance.

More gears are always good – like 6 gears. Great for small hills.


An adult tricycle can be quite heavy. They can be from about 50-250 pounds. One way to eliminate some weight is to choose a folding trike. They are generally lighter and more portable. A folding trike also helps if space is an issue.

Here’s an electric tricycle that is worth getting.

. This trike is an EWheels scoot-around pedal or electric power 3 Wheel Trike with 3 Year Extended Warranty. I like the warranty! I’d feel really good with it.

  • This trike includes VidaCura’s exclusive 3 Year Protection Plan including the battery.
  • 100% electric power, combine pedaling and electric power at the same time. Combination LED Headlight, battery gauge and horn.
  • Weight capacity: 400 lbs. Max Distance: 20 miles. Top Speed: 15 mph.
  • Bicycle style handlebar calipers paired to front caliper brakes and rear drum brakes. TWO roomy baskets; front and rear! Cargo!
  • Scooter is shipped fully assembled are RIDE READY! No screwdriver needed.
  • This trike has a 500w motor
  • And it’s free shipping – that’s huge!

Sold by Amazon. Click here to check all the details.


The following are benefits of the electric tricycles for adults which you should know:

  • Ease of travel It helps to keep you out of traffic jams. It won’t add to air pollution. Doesn’t need much parking space.
  • Physical health When you ride an electric tricycle you’ll be pedaling sometimes. Your physical fitness will improve depending on how much you do pedal. You can get as little or as much exercise as you choose on a trike.
  • Shopping trips You can pick up groceries, go for coffee, visit people, go to the park. Your cargo basket will keep all you need with you.
  • Healthy Lifestyle Lets face it even if you ride the trike and only use the throttle you’re still out in the fresh air and getting a change of scenery the fun way.


Everything has its pros and cons. But the cons are minimal compared to the benefits you’ll gain with an electric trike.

  • Cost The price of the electric tricycle is more than the cost of the regular trikes because it comes with the extra power source of electric motor and batteries. If it comes down to using the electric trike or letting the regular trike sit in the garage cause it’s tiring. It’s sure worth the money. I always think of it as a lifestyle purchase. Ask yourself will it improve your life?
  • You bet it will!


Ease of use, comfort, safety, traction, power, shock absorbers, reliable brakes. All necessary for a happy ride. Extra storage is a big plus, folding option too.

The electric tricycle for adults is a great addition to your lifestyle and its easy to ride. You’ll be more independent, get exercise and just get out more.

Do you have a trike or know someone that does? Thinking of getting one? Let us know!




4 thoughts on “Electric Trikes For Adults – What To Know”

  1. Hi Judy

    I used to have a trike when I was small and I live very close to the ocean and love to go fishing and I could really get used to using one of these to take my gear and myself to the water.

    I was looking for a link to go buy but I couldn’t find one in this post so I have bookmarked and will come back as one of these will do me nicely

    Thank you

    • Hi Vicki, That’s a great way to extend your love of fishing! With a trike, there’s plenty of room for cargo. I added a link to a trike I found after some research. Besides the quality of the trike, I really like their warranty – 3 years! And free shipping – that’s huge! Write back and send a photo of your fishing expedition! I’d love to post it.



  2. This good piece of technology. My dad uses the normal trike that’s not electronic and I’ve been looking to buy an electric one for him. The review is great and I know how important it is to have one for the elderly ones who have some health issues. I’d refer him to buy the foldable trike since its light weighted and won’t give him too much stress since the trike is meant to reduce stress. Thanks again for the revire

    • This is great modern technology! And a great way to keep our elders moving and getting out! Love to see what you guys pick out. Thanks for sharing!


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