eMopeds – aren’t eBikes


Our friends over at Spark Cycleworks have been hard at work with their new production of….

Electric Mopeds!

They are not E-bikes! Not a motorcycle either. They have pedals and they have an electric motor. These are E-Mopeds by law in the USA. They can go over 35 mph because the motor is six times more powerful than a traditional ebike.

The first run sold out almost immediately! They are in production for the second run and they are accepting reservations for just a hundred bucks. And I’ll get you a discount you can use on that deposit (or any ebike purchase). Easy right? You can check that off your holiday list.

Bandit and Trooper EMopeds
Bandit and Trooper EMopeds

Two base styles

There’s the Bandit (crossbar) and then there’s the Trooper (step-through). I like to think I’m a bit of both. Ha! Nah, not a bandit but yeah – a trooper! Anyway….. They’ve just sold out on their first run. Like that fast and are taking deposits for the next run currently in production. Ready for shipping for the holidays. Does that seem like a ways off? It’s not. Look how fast this year went by already. Both models are totally customizable. Spark loves working with custom builds! Engineers doing what engineers love to do – engineer stuff – and innovation is their middle name.


The Bandit – this looks cool and feels cool. I tried it and it is a very comfortable ride. And a powerful one. Feels secure. The US limit for electric bike motors is 750 Watts. Over that power limit, each state regulates what they consider motor-driven cycles (mopeds) at different levels. Federally, the limit is 5hp (3,700 Watt), however, the vast majority of states have adopted a 2hp (1,500 Watt) and 35 mph limit. So the engineers over there built the Bandit series to follow the 2hp rule. They also offer VIN’s, and include all required equipment for legal riding!

The Bandit’s Motor – The Bandit’s 1,500 Watt motor gets you 35mph riding speeds and puts it into the emoped category by federal/state guidelines. You don’t need a motorcycle license if under 1,500watt(2hp) on the majority of state levels/ 3,700(5hp) on a federal level. But always do your own due diligence, check with your own state’s guidelines to get the most up to date requirements. Regulations on electric vehicles change as fast as the weather. Weather ’round here changes pretty fast.


The Trooper – Same as the Bandit all the way through, but with different styling (the frame is different). A bit easier to get on and off with the step-through style. Both allow for a passenger.

With both, you get a full-featured control center:  full-color display with a phone charger, throttle, and pedal-assist control, motorcycle horn, hydraulic Shimano brakes, mirrors.

Be visible with the included: Dual high power LED headlights (love these!), rear brake light, turn signals, and reflectors.


They get it, you want to make it your own. With the teams’ extra efforts these can be modified. We all want to see what you’ll do!

Check this out – they modified the Bandit and turned it into a cafe racer called Espresso. They used a fancy cafe fairing and single headlight, a splash of color and, an electronics update to make it a little more exciting. Espresso pushes past 2,000 watts and can hit 45mph with a few secret updates.

Custom created and SOLD!

eMoped Cafe Racer Espresso


About that discount code – email them with crazyebike from Judy to get $75.00 off your deposit or purchase of any ebike.

Crazy right?!

Go get it now!


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