Folding Electric Bikes – Fun Compact Transportation

What’s A Folding Electric Bike All About? Fun Compact Transportation! That’s What!

Electric bikes have been around for a while. Over a century. Like since the late 1800s – at least in the development phase. Mostly they were cumbersome and always needed revision. Evolving. One of the first patents was late in 1895. They just weren’t practical. Because they were bulky, heavy, and cumbersome.

Lately, they are becoming more and more mainstream and are advertised as “Revolutionary”. So developments in the technology of batteries and motors today are revolutionary in comparison. Yet, the concept is much older.

The desire for a practical economical electric mini vehicle brings us to one of the more interesting and convenient types – the Folding Electric Bike. This fun folding bike is becoming one of the most popular models for so many practical reasons.

Folding Electric Bike
Folding Electric Bike

Benefits of Folding Electric Bikes

Some of the benefits of owning and riding a compact electric bike that folds are life-changing. This is a lifestyle change. When I think of a purchase one of the major points for me is the lifestyle. I always ask myself – will it enhance my life and how? More fun? Save money? Will it help me to be healthier? That’s one of the biggest questions for me.

Can it improve your health? It can. Not only will you peddle and get exercise but you’ll get outside much more. Isn’t that reason enough? The amount of exercise you get will be up to you and how much you want.


You may think that an electric folding bike won’t give you much exercise. It does. It can give you as much or little as you want. You can use the pedal-assist to help. You can use the throttle if you get a bike with one. Or not. Electric bikes are great for people who want to get out and ride, whether you’re in shape or not. Or you may have injuries or experience aches and pains that limit your physical activity. Think of keeping up with the grandkids bike riding. An electric bike will get you out and moving more again. And only as much or little as you want. Riding is good for your brain too.

My introduction to electric bikes was through a 75-year-old man I know. He’s an engineer. He purchased one, brought it to show me and I’ve been fascinated ever since. These bikes are the answer to so many things.

  • More fun
  • Commuting
  • City living
  • Travel
  • Boating
  • RV’ing
  • Agility
  • Brain health
  • Physical health
  • Keeping up with the kids
  • Transporting – groceries, pets, kids
  • Easy storage
  • Activity for older people
  • Cool for younger people
  • Exploring places you normally wouldn’t
  • Getting out in nature


It’s easy to take with you. Bring it on the train or bus. Public transport is easy and free to navigate with an electric folding bike. You can ride to work and you’d never break a sweat. Who wants to ride a bike to their job and arrive all sweaty? You can take it just about anywhere. It’s a commuters dream! This is a quick pleasant solution to getting around the city whether you live in a city or commute to one. The smaller wheels that a folding electric bike has can accelerate you faster in traffic. Perfect for city riding. Great for maneuvering.

If you live where space is at a premium this a perfect fit. I know people who live in the city and have small apartments. There are people that live aboard – it’s perfect for them. Also, great for people that RV. You don’t need much storage space for an electric folding bike. You could store it in your car when you need to. And you won’t need a bike rack for your car. And you won’t have to lock and leave it on the sidewalk. No worries about it being stolen.

Recreational life is going to change! Cities are going to change. Makes living and working in the city easier. Less traffic frustration.

Other Great Ideas for Owning a Folding EBike

It’s perfect for boating and RV’ing. Did you ever try to fit a couple of full-sized bikes on a boat or RV? Every inch of space is engineered to be useful. Space is at a premium and loss of any of it makes a big difference in daily comfort and convenience.

An electric folding bike will make your boating or RV trip much more fun. Explore more places in a wider range. No car to tow with your RV. No car to rent or taxi to hire.

It can take the place of your car to run errands, visiting friends and family. You can ride with the kids, enjoying the day out with them, and keep up easily!

Beat the crowds

Avoid theft – just take it with you. Or check out different types of locks to secure your ebike here.

An electric folding bike is very useful. It’s a lifestyle decision. It’s not just for leisure riding. While full-size electric bikes have different benefits a folding electric bike will be used much more often. It will simplify your commuting and travel life.

In Conclusion

I think the best idea is to take a look at this economical and fun transportation option. Think about your lifestyle and how this will make it even better! Let eBiking become your way of life!

2 thoughts on “Folding Electric Bikes – Fun Compact Transportation”

  1. I have a folding electric bike. I love it. Def recommend one to a commuter or traveler. It’s smaller and lighter and easy to store and take with me so I don’t need to lock it up.

    • Hi Tess,
      It’s good to have you around! I’m glad you love your folding ebike. It’s such a great design!


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