How The Heck Can I Carry Stuff On My Electric Bicycle

How do you carry stuff on your eBike?

Before getting out exploring and having fun, let’s see what types of accessories are best for you to carry stuff on your eBike or eMoped. If you’re heading out for a ride – short or long you’re gonna need to bring along some things.  Packing lunch or at least snacks? Water? Maybe along the way, you’ll be stopping at your favorite coffee shop for some caffeine to go. I know I will.

How The Heck Can I Carry Stuff On My Electric Bicycle?

We’re gonna find all kinds of creative ways to stow a lock (here are some to check out), wallet, cell phone, an extra e-bike battery, maybe even a dog or a kid, and everything else in between.

We’ll look at different ways to carry your groceries and other shopping you pick up along the way. Let’s check out all the possible options of how the heck to carry stuff on your electric bicycle.

You may want to start small and simple with a cell phone holder. You may need some GPS help along the way. Some music to cruise by or even get you peddling to your favorite songs. You might be chatting on the phone with someone.

Next, I’ll add a cup or water bottle holder but we’ll get more into the different types later. Matter of fact we’ll be looking at all the different configurations you could possibly think of. Think about what’ll work for you.

  • Frame bags – this one’s a bestseller! eBike Frame Bag. Front. Phone and Waterproof. Holds a lot of stuff, is water resistant, and easy install with straps and velcro.

eBike Frame Bag. Front. Phone and Waterproof


  • Handlebar bag– We like this simple, handy front-frame bag for storage.  And it can be used as a shoulder bag!

  • Rack trunk – Very handy. Large capacity bicycle bag rear rack can be unfolded with zippers to a bike pannier when you need more capacity.

“My third trunk-style big bag and by far the best! It’s sturdy.”


  • Panniers – Clip-On and quick-release all-weather Panniers (pair). Includes rain cover. The bag provides a large capacity (15L per bag) that can fit all your essentials. Can be used as a set or singularly.

  • Baskets – So many colors. From mint to matcha – oh my, brown, navy, and more. Lookie…..

it’s easily removable for shopping

  • Flashlight mount -works with any smaller-sized flashlights allowing you to ride at night using your favorite handheld flashlight.

  • Zipper pouch – Tube bag for front frame. It’s waterproof and holds a lot of stuff if you get the large.

  • Dog carrier – Note: Max load bearing:11lbs. 8 handlebar gaskets make it suitable for most bikes, cruiser, mountain, and electric bikes (handlebar diameter between 0.9’’-1.3’’). And the distance should be between the handlebar and front tire >9.8’’. Just the facts.
  • Color choices and patterns. So fun.

Who’s a happy guy?


  • Kid carrier – Includes childproof safety buckle with adjustable straps, recline, backrest, footrests, and foot straps. Fits children from 9 months (approx. age when child can hold head upright without support) to approximately 6 years old (up to 48.5 pounds). Safety-minded features kid carrier.

  • Cargo rack – Not for a rider – only for your stuff. “it allows me to carry extra items.” There’s one with a max weight load of 22 pounds and another with max weight load of 55 pounds for a few bucks more.

  • Cargo trailers -Hauler carries gear, toys, food, textbooks, and other items. Includes safety flag for added visibility. Maximum weight capacity 80 lbs and interior dimensions 27″L x 24.5″W x 20″H. I’m sure you’ll get a ton of use out of this. Fun colors too!

  • Cargo trailers for kids and dogs – Take your kids and dogs along for the ride with this tow-behind bike trailer carrier. It protects them from the elements. A 2-in-1 canopy features  a bug screen and a weather shield with a rear vent window. They’ll have a blast.

  • Flatbeds -The Flatbed cargo trailer is a great choice for pulling loads of up to 100 lbs. The trailer’s balance point minimizes torque on the bike while the two-wheel chassis provides superior tracking and stability. The open front, back, and top of the trailer make it easy to carry items of almost any size. Do more on your bike!


  • Backpacks – so many types to choose from. Do you want a water backpack? Tatical? One with hard hat storage? A day-tripper? Or one for travel. I kinda like this one. Looks rugged, looks cool.


You won’t lack ways to carry your stuff when you’re out on your ebike or electric moped. Or any other 2 or 3 wheeler.

Did I miss anything?

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