Lumos Smart Bike Helmet – Great Safety Features

Lumos Smart Bike HelmetLumos Smart Bike Helmet

Integrated lights on the front, lights on the back AND turn signals – love this thing! Also chosen by Oprah in 2018 as one of her favorite things. Not that this is a selling point, but she doesn’t favor junk!

This smart helmet has a wireless turn signal handlebar remote and built-in motion sensor. There are 70 LEDs on the front, rear, and sides. This translates to 10 white on the front, 38 red on the back and 11 orange on each side for turn signals.  It is a CPSC and CE Certified Cycling Helmet.

If you read my article on bike helmets this highlights one of the helmets I mentioned.

This is the one, the Lumos Smart Bike Helmet. I went crazy when I first saw this design.

If you really need a reason to get a Lumos Bike Helmet

I’ll give you 3

  1. You’ll be safer. Period. Higher visibility with lights on your head benefits any other lights on your bike. It gives you 2 safety aspects – the helmet itself – vital for your riding pleasure. Especially your future ones. And you’ll be noticed and have more respect on the road from car drivers. Increased safety.
  2. Want to be seen and safer? Wear this. People stop and want to know about your helmet. I’ve known people to be pulled over by the police – only to ask where did they get this helmet?
  3. Not only is it all the above but it’s quality! Not just more functional than just a simple bike helmet – it’s crafted with quality materials.

It will withstand weather and the battery lasts approximately four to six hours on flashing and three on solid.  But even when wearing this helmet you should use hand signals when you want to indicate a turn.


  • Dimensions: 12 x 9 x 7 inches
  • Size: 21.3-24.4 inches
  • Batteries: 2 Lithium Polymer batteries are required
  • Colors: Black, White or Blue
  • Price: $179.99
  • Time to Charge: About 2 hours
  • Made of: PC shell, EPU Liner
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth

In the box:

  • Helmet
  • Charging cable
  • Indicator box
  • Manual

While it’s a little heavier then most helmets it’s still comfortable.

There are 3 light patterns. You can use it as a solid light, a flashing 1 second pattern or a 3 second flashing pattern. The solid light drains the battery quicker.

I wouldn’t suggest that you rely on the turning indicators alone and recomend that you use hand signals too. This helmet is an extra safety feature which helps to be seen – but use common sense and everything you normally would do to be safe without the flashing signals. The helmet will beep when you activate the turn signals. Good to know things are working! The beeping frequency is adjustable.

The lights on the helmet don’t replace your front and rear bike lights. The front light isn’t strong enough to light your way.

While this is a great helmet with safety features I think the best use of it is for solo rides, commutes at dawn and dusk and in the dark. The Lumos is all about safety. I’d have at least 2 helmets. This one and one for day time or group rides.





Heavier than most

Battery Life



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  1. This is my next ebike helmet! I like the directional signals and that the lights are in the helmet cause then you’ll have lights on the bike at that level and lights higher up on your noggin.


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