Pedelec Helmets – How Are They Different From Other Helmets?

How is a Pedelec Helmet Different From Other Helmets?

While this topic can be confusing and even boring it’s one that is vitally important.

Ya gotta protect your noggin with a pedelec helmet!

The thing is you need to pick a pedelec helmet based on what it’s intended – for the best protection. But How are they different from other helmets?

Pedelec Helmets

The different types of helmets take some understanding of their optimum use. When I began reading about helmet types I had no idea how much is involved in choosing the right type of helmet for riding an electric bike. It’s not the same as a regular bike helmet requirement. Chances are you’ll be moving much faster more consistently and will need a helmet designed just for motorized riding. Which is typically faster.

Enter the Pedelec Helmet

It stands to reason that the higher the speed the more impact protection you need in a helmet. Some companies create a helmet that is bigger than the standard helmet to allow room for more foam. More foam is intended to increase impact protection.

One state, for example, requires anyone under 15 years old or younger to wear a helmet. Please check the laws are in your area so you and your family members are riding legal and safe. And even if your area doesn’t require you to wear a helmet legally – you need to wear one! Just be smart and safe.

All Helmets Aren’t Created Equal

Helmets are tested, defined and matched for their intended use. A construction helmet wouldn’t pass the tests for a bicycle helmet. The construction helmet is a shell with suspension. Neither would a bike helmet pass the tests for a motorcycle helmet. And a construction or bike helmet wouldn’t pass the military helmet test that has to have protection from shrapnel. Helmets for football players, pilots, astronauts, equestrians all have their own standards and requirements. Some of the elements that are tested are the strap strength, head coverage, and visor attachment.

5 Tips On How To Shop For Your Pedelec Helmet

These recommendations are what I found in my online research. They are not my recommendations. Please do your own research and talk to the people you buy your electric vehicles from. I have compiled the information that is available and am talking about what I’ve found. Do your own research. This is just a guide.

For electric bikes, the recommendation is a light motorcycle helmet or a helmet designed specifically for electric bike riding. They are designed for high speeds. They should have more head coverage.

For low-powered electric scooters the recommendation I found is a bicycle helmet – but to be really safe I’d use at least a light motorcycle helmet.

Helmet for ebike

Let’s Go Looking for Pedelec Helmets

When shopping for a pedelec helmet keep these points in mind:

  1. Size: Try them on for fit and comfort. Sizing in helmets varies greatly. Be sure you’re comfortable in it. You’ll be wearing it for a while so you don’t want it to annoy and distract you.
  2. Use: Pick the helmet most appropriate for the type of riding you’ll be doing. Full face helmets will give some protection against flying gravel, bugs, cigarette butts. But they do tend to retain more heat. But better protection.
  3. Style: Get one you LIKE! You’ll be more apt to use it!
  4. Strap: The helmet shouldn’t slip and shift on your head. Be sure the chin strap fits under your chin snug and comfortable.
  5. Straight: A helmet should be worn low on the forehead, right above your eyebrows. Check the mirror or have someone help you determine the fit.

Replacement and Updates

If the helmet is damaged – replace it immediately. And replace it at least every 5 years for wear and tear. Replace it even more often and if you keep it in the garage – especially – I’d replace it closer to every 3 years. Check with the manufacturer how often they recommend replacing their brand. Things get exposed to extreme temps in a garage so better to be safe. The foam will get brittle. And the materials used to make the helmet can affect the liner materials such as glues and resins. It’s also recommended because of the advances in helmet design improvements. They are updated all the time like most things today.

I’ve been seeing some with rear lights and signal lights built into the helmet which I think are very cool. It creates higher visibility with the lights as high as your head as opposed to low on the bike above the tires.
electric bike helmet This one is from Amazon. Click the image to check it out.

The main thing is – just get out there with a good solid helmet specifically designed for riding electric bikes and have a good time!

Have fun and be safe. Wear your helmet!


6 thoughts on “Pedelec Helmets – How Are They Different From Other Helmets?”

  1. I had no idea that you needed to look at all of those factors when choosing a helmet. I throughy enjoyed reading your content. There is a lot of great information in here, especially for someone that does ride bikes. Signal lights being built onto the helmets are awesome and I’m sure would be a great investment to be safe. I also had no idea that the heat would make the foam in the helmet brittle. Great information for all bike riders. Thank you!

    • Hi Ginger, Helmets sure are necessary – knowing what to look for and how long they last. And when I saw that helmet with the signal lights – I was sold! Thanks!

  2. Great niche relative post! 

    Safety is so important and helmets are made to be worn! I wouldn’t be overly comfortable riding a bike without one! 

    You just never know if something could happen and I would rather be safe than sorry!

    I didn’t know bigger helmets usually meant for foam but this makes sense! Thank you for writing this article as it is important to be reminded of why we go the extra length to be safe on our journey’s! 

    • Thanks Jade! Honestly before I wrote this article I never realized how important a helmet is. 

  3. Hi Judy. I had to come back and have another look at your site. I was so involved with your blog on electric bikes I didn’t even see the other articles you wrote. So now I’m going through them all slowly. This one on helmets is important, especially now that governments every where have made it compulsory to wear them. I was thinking of a purchasing a helmet for a friend of mine, he is an elderly man who is no longer allowed to keep his license and drive a car. I know that he has purchased an electric bike some time back but he still can’t ride it because he needs a helmet. Do you know of a particular design an would suit him or are they all much the same. Jim

    • Hi Jim, Glad you’re back. I’d look for a helmet specifically designed for ebike use. You need a higher level of protection than you’d get with a regular bicycle helmet. They’re made for higher speed and so higher level of protection. It’s typically made with thicker internal foam and a more complete plastic shell. They’d have a deeper temple and back of the head protection. Some even partially or completely cover the ears. But test to be sure that he can still hear what’s going on around him. I hope he gets riding! Best, Judy


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